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From The Romance Studio

“Sirus Parker had come to the planet to witness the bonding ceremony of his niece Amanda to Karrick Logan. While he is there he meets a Tigran female named, Danni. Danni is very tempting, her beauty and her sensuality calls to Sirus. He is requested by the group of Wolfan that have raised Danni to take her to her father. She is at the age to come into heat and will need to be mated. The hope is to get Danni to her father so she may choose from a group of available suitors. Any male around Danni at the time of her heat will become extremely aggressive in their desire to mate due to the pheromones she emits. Extremely susceptible will be any males of the Tigran race. Sirus is secretly a Tigran appearing completely human so that he may accomplish his missions without hassles. If things go as planned they will have time to get to the planet before she comes into heat…if not Sirus may find himself bonded to Danni whether he chooses it or not.

"Beast of Awakening by Cynthia Williams is a passionate and steamy erotic tale that is set in a series of stories where the humans are trying to eradicate all of the hybrids. The Humans have been genetically altered to have characteristics of wolf, panther, or tiger. The Conglomerate's goal is to destroy anyone not completely human. Sirus is a man that has worked to save as many of the hybrids that he can. He does not want it known that he is Tigran because it is much easier to pass as human and work in secret. He is honorable and courageous as well as extremely attractive. Danni is instantly attracted to him. She is young and eager to learn the joys of the body. With her feline sensuality she works to seduce Sirus. The awakening of her womanhood is exciting and passionate. Sirus is gentle and caring. He is the perfect man to introduce her to sex. The sex is frequent and explicitly graphic. This story is a beautiful love story filled with romance and stimulating sensual scenes that were pure joy to read. The dialogue is beautifully written and flows smoothly throughout the story. The plot to find Danni a mate is completed successfully. There are many scenes that will have you laughing out loud. Filled with humor, Beast of Awakening is an excitingly passionate and steamy read that is pure entertainment."

Rating: Five Hearts

Heat Level: Explicit

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From Romance Reviews Today

Planet Eridani and Sirus's spaceship - The Future

"Sirus Parker came with his niece, Amanda, to the planet Eridani never expecting Amanda to fall in love with and marry Karrick, leader of the Wolfan Psi-Pack. And Sirus certainly didn't expect to find his mate in a sexy little tigran called Danni Johansson. He dreams about her nightly, very hot, erotic dreams that her brothers don't appreciate. <g> One of them actually steps into the dream and whacks Sirus giving him a powerful headache. That doesn't stop Sirus from wanting Danni for his own. Sirus is taking Danni to meet her real father, the Rajah, on planet...Sirus is chosen because he's a human male and therefore, when Danni goes into heat, which she will on their journey, Sirus will be immune and Danni's virginity will be safe. But...Sirus has a secret. One that could get him killed or maimed by Danni's family. How will Danni react when she discovers his secret?

"Danni Johansson is a young innocent but she simply adores Sirus. Actually, she desires him, but because she is tigran and he's human, they can never be a couple. That doesn't mean she can’t share in a little harmless flirtation now, does it? Besides, Danni is going to meet her real father and she will get her choice of mates there. The more she is around Sirus, the harder it becomes; then, when he drops a bombshell on her and the family, Danni is secretly pleased. And why not? This means that she and Sirus might just have a chance at a future together. But first, they have to reach her father before Danni goes into heat.

"A long spaceship ride, a tigran going into heat, and a healthy male who wants to bed her, are all the ingredients needed to spell triumph or disaster, depending on how you look at it. Totally awesome!!

"Cynthia Williams writes another fascinating story with BEAST OF AWAKENING. Sirus and Danni are intriguing and playful characters who grab your attention from the start. Sirus has always hidden the part of him that makes him different. He looks like a human and can pass for one without a problem. Danni is a beautiful, sensual creature who has yet to become a full-fledged woman. Once she goes through her first heat -- boy, is her man going to be tired -- then Danni will have a couple of extra powers in her arsenal. <g> It's a while before Danni and Sirus end up making love, but the foreplay leading up to it is hot enough to singe the fingertips...and some other parts as well. Secondary characters include Danni's pack brothers, Karl, Wood, and Eric, who are all overprotective to a fault, her mother who is a wonderful and caring woman, plus Karrick and Amanda (BEAST OF DREAMS) and Alexander and Bethan Logan, who were also introduced in the first book of the series, BEAST OF DREAMS.

"Titillating foreplay, humor, a bit of danger, and charming characters are what author Cynthia Williams weaves into her latest erotic tale, BEAST OF AWAKENING. I can't wait to see who will be caught next in the snare of her imagination."

Heat Level: Sensuous

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From Joyfully Reviewed

Danni is the Tigran daughter of King Rajah of Cephei IV.  She is at once courageous and yet naďve, unaware of her beauty, yet willing to learn with the right man.  Once she meets Sirus Parker, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him.  She senses there is more to him than what he appears to be.  Gladly, she will allow him to escort her to meet her father, and maybe on the way she will convince him that he is her mate.

"Sirus Parker is a Space Captain, sent to the planet Eridani to retrieve the daughter of the Rajah of Cephei IV who was being fostered on the planet by a loving Wolfan-Psi family.  From the first moment that Sirus and Danni meet, the sparks start to fly.  Danni’s foster family wants to keep them apart, seeing only human in Sirus.  Is there more to him than meets the eye?   With Sirus, what he wants, he believes that he will ultimately get and he wants Danni.

"Cynthia Williams creates a world full of possibilities, intrigue, suspense and the ultimate erotic romance.  I became so wrapped up in this story that I had to finish it in one sitting.  Cynthia makes these characters so real that I found myself laughing, cheering, and biting my nails.  The erotic scenes were steaming up my sheets.  Beast of Awakening is definitely a keeper and I am anxiously awaiting the next in this series.  I want more!"

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From Euro-Reviews

“Amanda, is the new bride. Sirus and Danni’s interest is mutual, so her pack brothers, wolfans of the Psi Pack, decide to intercept Sirus’ dreams and decipher whether his intentions are honourable. Sirus also is psychic, and intuits the oncoming wolfan intervention through his own dream of Danni. He has always approached psychic talents ethically, refraining from intruding on others without their acknowledgment or permission. The Wolfan Psi Pack usually follows the same strictures; but in this case, the brothers’ concern for their younger sister has overruled their good sense and their ethicality.

"Danni, as a tigran female, has not yet reached her first heat, and the pack brothers fear that the human captain will have his way and leave her pregnant and alone. They’ve underestimated the depth of Sirus’ morality, though. Sirus has failed to understand that the Wolfan pack are dream-controllers, not at the mercy of the unconscious as are humans. The wolfans are the product of intelligent, compassionate genetic engineering by Dr. Alexander Logan, who’s recently wed Sirus Parker’s niece; and so is Danni, who’s been engineered as a princess with empathic talents.

"This is a lengthy but satisfying novel, which will appeal to lovers of sci-fi and paranormal, and romance fans alike. The love interest and romance plot between Danni and Sirus is both heartwarming and touching, and indeed Sirus is a hero many women would like to find for their own. He truly is an ethical and upright male. The concern of the wolfan pack for their sister Danni is also encouraging. The plot line is good, there’s plenty of background development, and the characters are strongly delineated. I give it high praise."

Rating: Five Stars

Heat Level: Sensuous

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From Ecataromance

“Space Captain Sirus Parker's life has turned upside down ever since he landed on the planet Eridani. Confronted with survivors of a race thought to be wiped out, Sirus could not help but be attracted to the beautiful tigran female, Danni. On a mission to deliver Danni to her father, a member of Tigran royalty, Sirus must beat the clock before Danni's first heat overrides all rational thoughts and promises made to protect her. With obstacles faced in their path and the overpowering heat between them, Sirus will face the greatest challenge of them all.


"Following Ms Williams "Beast" series, I have to admit I am hooked and adore reading of these unusual races and the thrilling adventures. With 'beasts' which seduce readers into screaming for more, I must beg Ms. Williams to please produce more of these titles."

Rating: Five Stars

Heat Level: Sultry

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From Coffee Time Romance

"Captain Sirus Parker is a handsome man and uncle to Amanda Parker, the new wife of pack leader, Karrick Logan. He has agreed to transport Danni to her home world. Of course, his growing attraction for her is causing him all kinds of problems. His special secret about himself could make things even worse...Danni species is tigran, which is part human and part white Bengal tiger. The minute she meets Sirus she finds she is unable to resist flirting with him. Danni is about to go on a voyage to her home world to meet her father and possibly find a mate. The problem is Danni is close to entering her first heat and her sexual hormones are driving Sirus nuts. If she succumbs to desires with Sirus before they are bonded the culture her father comes from will shun her causing Danni untold grief. While confined together in space Sirus and Danni find each other irresistible. His promise not to seduce Danni is becoming harder to keep. Sirus finds several ways to bring them satisfaction but it is becoming harder not to completely take Danni. When Sirus discovers Danni is finally in heat he devises some special equipment to prevent taking her virginity. Sirus must deal with Danni being angry and the added complication of helping their friend Alexander through a life or death situation. All of which is delaying their bonding ceremony.


"You will find this story crackles with HEAT! Ms. Williams is smoking when it comes to writing the love scenes between Danni and Sirus. She will have you desperate for a cool down after reading this book. This is a great romance story that is definitely worth reading."

Rating: Four Cups

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From Fallen Angels

"Sirus has been attracted to Danni upon first meeting her. The young tigran is astounding in her beautiful mixture of colors and swirls. Her innocence and sweet naiveté also strike a cord within Sirus. When he learns the young beauty is equally attracted, Sirus will battle with himself and Danni to keep her a virgin until she reaches home and can undergo the proper ceremony – mainly Sirus does not want Danni to get pregnant as she is coming upon her heat. As Sirus and Danni deal with Danni’s growing interest in her body’s reaction to Sirus, they also mediate hostile advances from the outside, and other complications brought out by their affair. Can Sirus and Danni continue their relationship once Sirus’ secret is out? Can Danni help Sirus become the beast he’s meant to, even as she grows in her own confidence?

"Beast of Awakening is a fun fantasy building on Ms. William’s world of tigrans and wolfans. I enjoyed the interactions between Sirus and Danni, especially the antics of Danni’s brothers and the general frustrations that Sirus dealt with in courting Danni. I enjoyed the main character’s personalities and their respect and love for each other, I also enjoyed this rich world full of rules, abilities and a bit of paranormal magic. Pick this up for a good paranormal romance."

Rating: Four Angels

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From Romantic Times

"The second book in Williams' Quest for Survival series picks up the fight for survival of human subspecies against an intergalactic conglomerate determined to drive them to extinction. The creativity and innovation shown in the development of the characters and plotlines is inspiring. The main storyline is an endearing love affair... It will be helpful for readers to have read the first book, Beast of Dreams."


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