REVIEWS - Beast of Dreams


From Romantic Times Magazine

“Williams deftly weaves an inventive, sensual tale of savage romance inside a larger tale of intergalactic intrigue. The main storyline and romance are satisfyingly complete; yet, enough threads are left dangling around the edges to fill the reader's imagination with the desire for more. Beast of Dreams is definitely dream material.”

Overall rating: Four 1/2 Stars

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From The Romance Studio

Beast Of Dreams is a great paranormal romance with a touch of the erotic. This story is sure to keep you interested all the way to the end. Kerrick is very alpha male and his animalistic nature will have you squirming in your seat. His dominant nature will intrigue you and his sensitive side will captivate you. Amanda is a great heroine with plenty of spunk. Her immovable attitude will have you laughing out loud and cheering her on. The sex is intense and very detailed, so be sure to keep some ice handy. This is the first in a series and is sure to go on the keeper shelf.”

Overall rating: Five Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

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From Fallen Angel Reviews

“The strands of the various storylines are woven tightly together and with extremely memorable characters makes this a joy to read. All of this serves to draw the reader in and not let go till the last page is read. This was a superb book from start to finish. It caught this reader in its web from the opening paragraph. Not only does it have a highly charged erotic atmosphere, it also has humor, romance, love, suspense and action. This reader hopes there will be a follow-up book featuring Sirus and Danni as we can't wait to find out what happens to them!”

Rating: Five Angels

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From Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Beast of Dreams was often an amusing read. Karrick varied between being an Alpha male and being somewhat Beta in that cute, I-don't-wish-to-anger-my-woman kind of way. I really enjoyed reading the unfolding romance between Karrick and Amanda; it was sweet and very believable. The romance also seemed to be a mix of friendship and lust, which I found to be refreshing in an erotic romance. The suspenseful subplots involving the Conglomerate and Shodan also helped drive the story. Amanda was perfectly capable of doing what was necessary, and wouldn't back down from a fight, but she didn't really have a dominating attitude that some Alpha females usually have. She was an enjoyable heroine in her contrasts. Beast of Dreams was a good futuristic erotic romance and I look forward to more of the author's work!

Rating: Five Stars

Heat Level: H

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From Love Romances

“Cynthia Williams has taken Star Trek one step further in this intruiging story about a race called the wolfan. This story is very erotic and stimulates all your senses. My imagination was on overload as I read the love story between Amanda and Karrick. But all is not right in this new Eden. There are dark forces waiting to destroy Karrick and take over the pack. Who will win in the end? Will it be the new breeds created to further mankind or will fear come to destroy everything that Amanda has come to love and cherish? Let your mind run wild as you read this wonderful story full of passion hot enough to melt Mt. Saint Helen. Cynthia Williams is steadily climbing the ladder to be the Queen of Futuristic romance. This reviewer gives her my highest rating and recommends you read her new book Beast of Dreams. Enjoy!”

Rating: Five Hearts

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From A Romance Review

Beast of Dreams is a steamy, mesmerizing out of this world read. The plot is highly creative; Williams does an exceptional job of forecasting a tomorrow that hasn't even occurred but is scarily a possibility. The geographical descriptions as well as the futuristic terms applied and the account of the way of life are vivid and mentally stimulating. As the two leads, Amanda and Karrick sizzle on paper, igniting in a volcanic eruption at each encounter that will leave readers breathless. Beast of Dreams is one of those few novels that only disappoints at the ending. This one should have gone on and on. Hopefully it will in a sequel.

Rating: Five roses

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From eCataRomance

“Cynthia Williams has written a titillating futuristic love story in Beast of Dreams… Amanda Parker is an explorer by trade, which helps as she tracks down the cause of a thirty year old spaceship crash on the planet Eridani. Her father's best friend, partner, and advocate of the wolfan and tigan people, was on that space craft. The crash, coupled with Jonathan Parker's suspicious death, drives Amanda on. The first night on Eridani, Amanda becomes erotically aroused and masterfully seduced in her dreams by a hugely handsome wolfan. Karrick Logan is that hunky wolfan and he and Amanda continue their lusty explorations of each other in their waking and dreaming states. But there is trouble ahead in the form of a lasciviously drug crazed wolfan named Shodan. He plans to murder Karrick and kidnap and ravish the luscious Amanda! Beast of Dreams is a provocative steamy story that will keep you desiring more and groaning for relief. So indulge yourself, and let your fantasies run wild with Beast of Dreams!”

Rating: Four Stars

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