REVIEWS - Things That Go Bump in the Night V


From Fallen Angel Reviews

“What a wonderful way to end an anthology. Cassandra's Enchantment is a wonderfully naughty tale containing witches, shape shifters, and vampires. It was interesting to see racism in this story, the feeling that witches are better than the other groups. I really hope that we get to hear more about these illustrious families and how the others fulfilled their destinies. Hopefully this will be a series.”

”When I read the blurbs for the stories in this anthology I was a little disappointed that they wouldn’t be interconnected as the other Things That Go Bump in the Night anthologies have been. Boy was I wrong. These stories weave together in a wonderful way that allows you to read them one after the other or separately. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait until next year for the next one!”
Overall rating: Five Angels

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From Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Cassandra's Enchantment is a great part of this anthology and a charming story.  The characters understand the impact being together will have on their families, and are willing to face their future head on.  This "step" relationship is really well done with no sappiness or guilt.  Hooray!  Cassandra has the perfect amount of hesitation about loving her step-son, but the yearning they share can't be stopped.  Phineas is really hot, with more strengths than he first appears to have.  His first sex scene is terrific and sets a high standard for the rest of the story, with the car scene one of the hottest of Things That Go Bump In The Night 5, and excellently written. Cassandra's Enchantment is a great way to end the book, and I'll be waiting for Ms. Williams' sequel.” 

Overall rating: Five Stars

Heat level: H

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From The Romance Studio

“Two people who shouldn't be together find out that maybe the rules were made to be broken. Cassandra and Phineas can't resist each other, but they know they shouldn't act on their feelings. Can they find a way to make it work or will they be forever forbidden to each other?”


“This book comes in at just the right time and makes a perfect Halloween read. The supernatural abounds in this book and readers will love the characters is every tale. The relationships are hot and the tension is thick. These couples find ways to get around obstacles and whatever else gets in their way to be together. The fifth book in the series, number 5 certainly keeps the ball rolling with incredible stories that captures the reader’s attention and takes them on wonderful journeys.”

Overall rating: Four Hearts

Sensuality rating: Very Sensual

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From Coffee Time Romance

“Phineas and Cassandra are well suited to each other. Their relationship progresses at a believable pace. The love scenes are hot and steamy with just the right amount of graphic detail. The supporting characters enhance the storyline very well. Cassandra's Aunt Miriam makes the perfect family Matriarch. The other wizards and witches also add more meat to the story. The setting is fascinating and reminded me of the Harry Potter movies. The plot line is interesting and kept my attention until the very last page.”


“Ms. Williams is a talented author who has penned a tale of magic and love that I enjoyed greatly. I like the way the other characters keep trying to get around the spell that keeps them locked inside the Drake ancestral home. It adds a touch of humor to the story. I also like the way Cassandra and Phineas deal with another problem that crops up later on in the story. Anyone who enjoys tales of love and magic is sure to enjoy this story.”

”I found all three stories in this awesome anthology to be enthralling and captivating. The characterization throughout the book is very well done and the story lines are all fascinating. I highly recommend Things That Go Bump in the Night V to anyone who likes paranormal stories of love and lust. I cannot wait for the next anthology in this terrific annual series from Ellora's Cave.”

Overall rating: Four Cups

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From Novelspot

“Cassandra's Enchantment, written by Cynthia Williams, speaks of passion and love that, to the two in love, seems impossible. Add in that the woman in question has more than a bit of vampire blood flowing through her, and this one will bite the jugular and not let go until she's sated.”


“All three of these delicious tidbits are tied to one another, through theme and even a few of the characters. While not the kind of stories you'd read around a late night bonfire to scare your friends half to death, Things That Go Bump in the Night V would certainly get you in the right mood for Halloween--and maybe a few other things.”

Overall rating: 7
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From The Road to Romance

“Three authors and three very well crafted books. Melani Blazer creates a heart-wrenching story of lost love and the last chance of redemption…B.J. McCall weaves an entertaining tale of two lost souls…Cynthia Williams wrote the best novel of the three, and was well worth the wait. Both the characters have to deal with unrequited love, pulling this reader in effortlessly at their plight.”

Rating: Erotic

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From Erotic Escapades

“Cassandra’s Enchantment is like a slow erotic dance that will have your head spinning… The love of Phineas and Cassandra in a way reminded me of a tender Romeo and Juliet storyline.  Ms. William’s writing style was excellent and displayed many tones of emotions throughout this story.  I also enjoyed the way the author wrote the dialogue between Phineas and Cassandra especially the conversations they had as they came to terms with their age difference. It was refreshing to see a relationship between a younger man and an older woman for a change.”

”This anthology by three different authors keeps you spellbound until the last page. I enjoyed the three stories immensely and could not put the book down. These authors leave you breathless and begging for more as they tell of three sizzling stories that are sure to please.”

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From Romantic Times Magazine

"Lili casts off caution in Blazer's "Haunted Redemption" when she agrees to play a vampire at a haunted house. Scott, a mysterious man, and a candlelit room cap off her evening. But his resemblance to a past love makes her uneasy. When the handsome vampire reveals his identity, Lili walks away. Hot sex, galactic vampires and asteroid showers -- not to mention an orgy -- make this one scorching tale.

"Jastra's life turns nasty after she's accused of murder. Her sentencing brings her aboard galactic vampire Dauthush's cruiser, and she becomes intimate with the hot-blooded warrior. His toe-curling caresses make her beg for more, but before they can discover if its love, he must fight to save her from another vamp in McCall's "Embrace Forever."

"In Williams' "Cassandra's Enchantment," the title character, a half-witch with vampire blood, and magical crime scene investigator Phineas find that forbidden fruit should be savored. Stepmom and stepson have often dreamed about "what if?" but when a spell and an ancient pact bring them together, they find that reality is better than fantasy."

"Not all bumps in the night are frightening, and this anthology proves that some bumping can be humorous and spicy hot!"


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